Tails from a Vet Tech

Cat-Vocation: Advocating for Cats featuring Ellen Carozza

September 26, 2022 Season 1 Episode 15
Tails from a Vet Tech
Cat-Vocation: Advocating for Cats featuring Ellen Carozza
Show Notes

On today’s episode, Tabitha talks to “The Cat LVT”, Ellen Carozza, about, you guessed it, cats! We chat about our love for cats, how they are often misunderstood, how you can advocate for the cats in your care, pediatric kitten care, and more!

Ellen Carozza is a Licensed Veterinary Technician since 1996 who has worked exclusively with feline patients since 2002, Ellen (The CAT LVT)  currently resides at NOVA CAT CLINIC in Arlington, VA and is one of the founders of the Chris Griffey Memorial Feline Foundation, a 501(c)3 dedicated to the critical feline neonate and pediatric cases.

In addition to her full time career as a Licensed Veterinary Technician, and her “mother of kittens'' role with the foundation, she also lectures on the veterinary circuit. Known for her no-nonsense attitude and practical methods of teaching, Ellen has co-authored several guidelines with the American Association of Feline Practitioners as well as the International Society of Feline Medicine. She has been featured in “AAHA Trends Magazine”, “Today’s Veterinary Nurse”, “Vet Girl on the Run'' as well social media news outlets such as “LOVE MEOW “and “The DODO .”  She was featured as Jackson Galaxy's Cat Camp “camp nurse” before COVID teaching their veterinary nursing courses for cats as well as being a long time mentor to  Hannah Shaw, The Kitten Lady to name a few with her work on saving critical kittens instead of euthanasia. 

Ellen is also one of the three members of the AVTCP organization committee that created the AVTCP Feline subspecialty and holds the title of VTS (CP-Feline) in North America. 

Aside from not having enough hours in the day, her latest big adventure brings her expanding the CGMFF’s work to Otavalo, Ecuador in November 2022 along with CHASE where they will be providing charitable veterinary services to the local community. 

 After a long day at work, Ellen comes home to four cats of her own amazing cats; St. Ambrose, Michelle, Loki and Brother Noggin as well as a tolerant husband and daughter that still don’t understand her obsession over cats.

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