Tails from a Vet Tech

Not "Just a Vet Tech" a Jack of all Trades featuring Kelly Cronin (MBA, BS, CVT, PHR, VTS ECC, VSPN Moderator)

May 08, 2023 Season 2 Episode 31
Tails from a Vet Tech
Not "Just a Vet Tech" a Jack of all Trades featuring Kelly Cronin (MBA, BS, CVT, PHR, VTS ECC, VSPN Moderator)
Show Notes

This week, Tabitha is joined by jack of all trades, veterinary technician Kelly Cronin.  Kelly shares her career path which includes writing a book, obtaining an MBA, and starting a CE on the sea cruise. She shares practical tips that have helped her along the way including finding her passion and leaning into her niche,  resume review,  professional growth and financial fitness. 

Kelly Lynn Cronin, MBA, BS, CVT, PHR, VTS ECC, VSPN Moderator
Kelly Lynn started in veterinary medicine by volunteering. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin Madison with a BS in Animal Sciences (and a few other degrees that cost too much but equate to underwater basket weaving), she became licensed as a veterinary technician in Alaska in 2001, New Mexico in 2006, and Wisconsin in 2016. Kelly became Certified as a Professional in Human Resources in 2010, completing her Masters of Business Administration from Mississippi State University in 2012, and became a Veterinary Technician Specialist in Emergency and Critical Care in 2013. Kelly wrote and published “In the Middle”, a book for veterinary technicians in management. She is a national and international speaker presenting on leadership, management, and emergency and critical care medicine. She serves as an instructor for VSPN, is the CEO of Success Strategies Veterinary Consulting, was the Director of Denovo Operations (it’s ok no one knows what that means…. New clinic startup) for the Mission Veterinary Partners (36 + hospital group) and is currently working as Operations Support Manager for the NVA Spec and ER East Division. Kelly is an organizer of the VetTechLife CE on the Sea events (dumb covid). She offers short courses online in management, emergency and technical topics, marketing, presenting, resume review, professional growth and financial fitness through Success Strategies University. She lives in Milwaukee (the land of beer and brats) with a precocious 9 year old bilingual, ninja, paleontologist princess and a Costa Rican Cur that currently run her life. When she is not bemoaning the lack of pockets in women’s clothing or creating vacation rentals in extraordinary locations to die for, she is busy doing home DIY projects, travel hacking on a shoestring budget (50th state last year), reading or writing sci-fi, riding horses (or wishing she was) or running ridiculous distances at a pace clearly set by turtles stuck in mud.

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